Touch and reveal game card


Freschetta Pizza Chill to Win


Cold Reveal Game Cards


To induce trial purchase of a new frozen pizza (Freschetta Pizza) in-store.


Major supermarkets allow very limited or no point of sale advertising. Highlighting new products to all consumers is therefore not easy and advertising is expensive and not selective.

Secondary Aim:

To guide all consumers to the freezer cabinets containing the new Freschetta Pizzas.


Special Freschetta branded Chill ‘n’ Win Game Cards were handed to all shoppers entering supermarkets stocking the new Freschetta range. On being placed into the cold Freschetta chiller cabinet, the card revealed a prize level, and even ‘losers’ received money-off the new pizzas.


As the Freschetta Pizzas were stacked beside them, the rate of trial purchase (encouraged by the special money-off Chill ‘n’ Win card) was very high. The trial offer promotion was a success.


The Chill ‘n’ Win Card led the consumer right to the product in the store. It then revealed money-off a trial purchase. Trial purchase was therefore made as easy as it possibly could be, and done in a fun and interactive way that induced a positive response in a high number of consumers.

The product and the offer could be highlighted in a proactive way, where a passive on-pack p.o.s. message would have produced a far lower response.

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