about us

lcr Hallcrest is a global, family owned pioneer of temperature sensitive, colour changing graphic technologies. For over 40 years these technologies have been used to monitor / communicate temperature, and solve communication / identification problems in a wide range of applications.

At the forefront of innovation

During this time lcr Hallcrest has been at the forefront of the innovation, development and manufacturing of these specialist inks and coatings which have been successfully used for trend setting products such as whimsical novelties like the mood ring of the 70's, consumer products such as the battery testers of the 80's, medical diagnostic thermometers currently used in millions of surgeries annually, to temperature sensitive, colour changing inks which are applied to packaging, labels, sleeves and many, many other materials and products.

Products and materials using our specialist inks can be found in virtually any industry and their usage is limited only by the imagination.

Developing solutions across a broad range of operational markets

Our broad range of operational markets has created an environment that routinely moves our technology and solutions across industries. As a consumer oriented company, lcr Hallcrest has thrived on its ability to take a challenge, requirement or idea, and through creative use and/or expansion of technology, develop a solution.

The focus given to customer requirements has been extended to manufacturing where stringent quality control and attention to detail has resulted in products that routinely exceed expectations.

The combination of unique inexpensive temperature driven colour changing graphic technology, a creative market driven orientation and manufacturing excellence has positioned the company to continue to innovate and lead in the field of Interactive Colour Changing Thermographic Inks and Products.