Keep it Chilled


Chill 'n' Win Neck Tag Game Card


To encourage purchase of 'Cafinesse' a new fresh chilled liquid coffee from Douwe Egberts whilst at the same time encouraging consumers to keep the fresh coffee chilled in the fridge.


550,000 Chill 'n' Win Neck Tags were produced to promote the new liquid coffee. The neck tags incorporated a Chill 'n' Win panel which when placed in the fridge with the coffee revealed a Win message.

Sampling campaigns took place in selected supermarkets throughout the UK. Consumers were handed the neck tag Game Cards to place over the bottle in fridge. It also educated consumers to keep the coffee chilled.

The Chill 'n' Win game card promotion coincided with Douwe Egberts 5M national TV advertising campaign.


The coffee is designed to be kept in the fridge and the Chill 'n' Win Game Card encouraged the consumer to do so in the hope of winning a prize. The game card only revealed when chilled in the fridge.

It was therefore important that mechanic was in the design of a neck tag which further encourage consumers to keep it on the bottle in the fridge.

This promotion reinforced the brand message by encouraging and educating the consumer to chill Cafinesese Coffee. A cleverly devised promotion.