Hungry Jack Maple Syrup

'Too hot' thermochromic indicator on packaging

Hungry Jack wanted the consumer to heat up the bottle of Hungry Jack Maple Syrup in the microwave as warming the syrup before use improved the flavour.

A new bottle design incorporating the Too Hot Thermochromic Indicator was developed which would work in the microwave.

It was important that the bottle design worked once heated for easy handling. Heating the syrup to the required temperature made the bottle hot so the edges of the handle were crimped to create an air pocket allowing the handle to stay cooler for handling.

Once heated to the required temperature the indicator would turn from black to white with the word HOT showing.

The idea of having a Too Hot indicator within the packaging was a way of informing the consumer that the syrup was HOT. It acted as two indicators.

  • Hot be safe
  • Hot your syrup is read for use