Guinness Extra Cold

Specialist printer B&H Colour Change Limited joined forces with leading independent integrated agency Tullo Marshall Warren to create 540,000 cold sensitive panels for the GUINNESS® Draught Extra Cold mailpack.

The pack is a central part of a wider GUINNESS® Extra Cold summer campaign that includes the launch of new TV ads during June across the UK.

The aim of the promotion was to encourage GUINNESS drinkers to remain loyal to their favourite drink by highlighting the refreshing Extra Cold brand, designed to compete with chilled lagers.

The mailpack targeted 540,000 members of the GUINNESS Relationship Marketing programme to remind GUINNESS drinkers that they can still enjoy their favourite beer over the warmer months - just that few degrees colder!

Each pack provides drinkers with a GUINNESS inflatable %cool pool% coaster to ensure their pint is the coolest drink at the bar and a cold sensitive panel which fits neatly into the base of the coaster to allow them to test out the coldness of the GUINNESS for themselves.

Depending on the message revealed on their cold sensitive panel, drinkers discover whether they are the lucky winner of a trip to cool Reykjavik, or maybe one of the new GUINNESS® Draught Extra Cold pint glasses.

Gilly Beaumont, Marketing Manager at B&H Colour Change Limited comments: "This is a fun marketing tool allowing the consumer to interact directly with the brand. Our cold reactive ink lends itself perfectly to the product by reinforcing the fact that GUINNESS® Extra Cold is indeed extra cold".