Chameleon Inks in action

Thermochromic ink


Our video easily shows you how our inks can be creatively used to make a product stand out. By using Chameleon inks you can communicate to your audience to reveal message and alert people to your brand.

Thermochromic ink is widely used for a variety of campaigns, to increase product sales or for added interest. Letting a user place their thumb over a certain area to reveal a winning message is just one idea but below are the products that feature in the video and how they used our inks.

What's in the video

  • Muse use 'touch reactive ink' to leave a thermo print on their Album packaging design.
  • Age UK cleverly uses our 'touch reactive' for a 'touch and reveal game' for their 'Spread the Warmth' campaign seen on the front page of the Telegraph Magazine.
  • A game card, to let the user wet the product and reveal a message, Wet and Reveal.
  • Chilli game card lets the user press the card up against a cold can to reveal a message, Chill and Reveal.

Enhanced Packaging Design

Cold Activated Ink

You can create a great looking product that stands out, but making it communicate would be even better. Because our thermochromic ink is so versatile, ways of utilising our ink is highly affective.

Ink activated by temperature is very popular amongst the drink industry because of the need for the drinks to be chilled or served at optimum drinking temperature.

What's in this video

Photochromic Inks


Photochromic inks interact with UV Rays can be used to create eye catchy designs, great for use with t-shirts and transfers.

T-shirt using photochromic ink; before and after being exposed to the sun

When exposed to sun, the interactive area (where photochromic ink is being used) becomes clear revealing what's underneath and then returns when the exposure to sun decreases.