plastic masterbatch - reversible thermochromics

Thermochromic Masterbatch is temperature sensitive and changes colour as its temperature changes.

There are two variants
  • Becoming a lighter colour as the temperature rises and reversing back to the original darker colour as the temperature is reduced below the activation temperature point.

  • Becoming a darker colour as the temperature is cooled and reversing back to the original lighter colour when the temperature is raised above its activation temperature point.

Colour to colour, colour to translucent and translucent to colour are available, many variations can be blended.

New Colours Available

Colour references are approximate and will be influenced by plastic thickness, addition rate, and type and clarity of plastic used.,


Colourless to Colour: 19°C Cold

  • Natural to vermillion
  • Natural to orange
  • Natural to green
  • Natural to blue
  • Natural to magenta

Colour to Colour: 19°C Cold

  • Bright yellow to green
  • Bright yellow to orange
  • Pink to purple
  • Blue to purple
  • Mint green to turquoise

Colourless to Colour: 30°C Warm

  • blue to Natural
  • vermillion to Natural
  • Magenta to Natural

Colour to Colour: 41°C Hot

  • Purple to pink
  • Orange to yellow