Stir down the temperature with chocomel colour changing stirrers

The Cool Drink Promotion

Working closely with leading Dutch agency, Miles Promocean on their recent and on-going colour changing stirrer promotion for well known drinking chocolate brand, Chocomel which is taking place nationwide within the Netherlands and soon to be followed by a campaign in Belgium too.

Chocomel is extremely popular as a warming winter drink, and this new campaign with the branded colour changing stirrers is promoting Chocomel as a cool refreshing summer drink.

The Chocomel colour changing stirrers are being used as POS material in restaurants, as an awareness campaign to encourage restaurant staff to serve Chocomel chilled to consumers, and to show consumers that the drink is really refreshing when drunk chilled, at 4°C for optimum enjoyment - its cool drinking temperature.

Chocomel is served to consumers in a stainless steel cup along with the stirrer which changes colour vividly from yellow to orange to indicate that the drink is cold. The colour changing stirrers include a thermometer relief within the design showing 4°C - the perfect temperature to drink Chocomel. The campaign is further supported by posters and pos material within the restaurant to encourage purchase.


Gilly Beaumont, Marketing Manager comments:

This is a great campaign as its very visual and the colour change communicates and reinforces its message perfectly to its target audience which in this case is both the seller and the purchaser.


5 ways to use Thermochromic Inks for your next promotion

Want to see things differently? Start thinking outside the box.

Chameleon Ink can help you stand out from the crowd. From touch, to chill, to heat, to moisture reactive inks, we´ve got a method for you and your product. Send a message and communicate with your audience.

Thermochromic ink reacts to a temperature, either hot or cold, changing from a vibrant colour to a colourless/translucent colour. This can make your promotional print stand out from the crowd whether it be a leaflet/mailers, POS material, packaging, game cards, food labels, beverage labels, posters...the list really is endless.

Maybe you´ve never heard of our inks or even how they can be used. Rest assured...recognisable brands have been using our highly customisable inks for many years helping them to promote their products and services.

Forget the usual promotional giveaway that is handed out. No matter how well they´re designed, nothing beats involving people, getting them to do something. Interacting with your audience is key to your success.

Using our ink can make your product interactive, it can communicate to your target audience and more importantly increase sales.

5 interesting ways of using thermochromic ink for promotional use to reveal a hidden message or image.

  • Interesting Way Number One:
    Reebok Touch and Reveal Game cards

    The use of game cards increased product interest

    Touch & Reveal

    The ink reacts to your touch, allowing the ink to become transparent, with a message or design hidden underneath that can then be read.

    Brands that have used this are: Reebok, Heineken, Pesconova Food Collectible Children´s Cards, Age UK Telegraph Supplement, Ben & Jerry´s Ice Cream

  • Interesting Way Number Two:

    Chill & Reveal

    2 Coors bottle, before and after indicating mountains have changed colour

    Blue mountains show optimum drinking

    Your promotional product is placed in a cold environment, such as a fridge or placed against a cold drink and slowly reveals a message as the ink reacts to the chilled temperature.

    Brands that have used this; Npower, Mars, Freschetta, Cafinesse, Carling, Ukranian Vodka distiller Khortytsa, Jacob´s Creek, Coors, Budweiser.

  • Interesting Way Number Three:

    Wet & Reveal

    A Haagan-dazs Wet and Reveal product being dipped into ice cream

    Dip, wait a couple of seconds and reveal

    The promotional product is dipped into a wet food or drink product (don´t worry our inks are completely non toxic and food safe) and reacts to moisture. An example of this would be to dip it in ice cream, remove, and then see a message revealed.

    Brands that have used this are; Haagen-Dazs

  • Interesting Way Number Four:

    Heat & Reveal

    Pizza takeaway box with a hotspot to indicate temperature of pizza is ideal

    Right temperature and on time

    Changing colour from black to reveal colour, message or text beneath this can also be used as a safety warning device.

    Brands that have used this are: Veet Gel Wax, Pizza Hut Red Hot Pizzas, Brooke Bond Hot Drinks

  • Interesting Way Number Five:

    Cook & Reveal

    A Heinz Microwavable plastic soup container, with message revealed

    Heat to reveal a message

    Place the product/packging which has the thermochromic ink area into a microwave. Follow the heating instructions and wait for it to finish. Take the product out and see the message revealed.

    Brands that have used this are: Microbake, Heinz Soup, McCain Micro Chips, Hungry Jack

There are many more variations and combinations which you could use our thermochromic ink for; it really is a chance to be creative and be highly inventive. As you´ve read above, you´ll be able to create memorable promotions that´ll embody your marketing message in your audience.

Contact one of our thermochromic ink specialists to see how we can make you see things differently.

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