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What can we do? almost anything

We are often asked to create something different, eye catching and memorable which changes colour or reveals a message when touched.

These SMART interactive designs include:

  • Invitations
  • Company Leaflets & Brochures / Packaging
  • Magazines, Books and Children's games
  • CD, Record Covers, Boxes & Labels
  • Point of Sale materials
  • Shelf Edge Strips
  • Business Cards & Letterheads
Harry Potter book with touch reveal ink

bottle labelling

Through the creation of thermal inks for flexographic, gravure and letterpress printing systems and research with shrink film labels, we can now supply thermochromic print on packaging and bottle labelling.

  • Range of temperatures available in a variety of colours:
  • Cold Reveal for Cold Drinks - 'Ready to Drink'
  • label can reveal a WIN message, or change colour when bottle and contents are chilled.
  • Whole label or part of it can change colour or look iced.
  • Change colour when held in your hand.
Inside of label reveals message Inside of label reveals message

Packaging labelling

We can overprint your existing packaging with an invisible WIN message which integrates with your existing packaging at very little extra cost.

Centre of product reveals win message
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