Colour changing stirrer promotion for Chocomel

LCR Hallcrest has been working closely with leading Dutch agency, Miles Promocean on their recent and on-going colour changing stirrer promotion for well known drinking chocolate brand, Chocomel which is taking place nationwide within the Netherlands and soon to be followed by a campaign in Belgium too.

Chocomel is extremely popular as a warming winter drink, and this new campaign with the branded colour changing stirrers is promoting Chocomel as a cool refreshing summer drink.

The Chocomel colour changing stirrers are being used as POS material in restaurants, as an awareness campaign to encourage restaurant staff to serve Chocomel chilled to consumers, and to show consumers that the drink is really refreshing when drunk chilled, at 4°C for optimum enjoyment – its cool drinking temperature.

Chocomel is served to consumers in a stainless steel cup along with the stirrer which changes colour vividly from yellow to orange to indicate that the drink is cold. The colour changing stirrers include a thermometer relief within the design showing 4°C – the perfect temperature to drink Chocomel. The campaign is further supported by posters and pos material within the restaurant to encourage purchase.