Photochromic Plastic

Chameleon Photochromic masterbatch can be added to standard plastics for injection moulding and extrusion, to create a vivid change of colour which is activated by UV light (photochromic). Photochromic Plastic has a reversible colour change and is activated by the UV light in sunlight and daylight. The UV creates a vivid change from clear to a coloured plastic. Chameleon masterbatch can be added to many standard plastics for injection moulding and extrusion. It is particularly ideal for many summer products.

Photochromic masterbatches change their molecular structure and darken on exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. In the absence of activating UV light they return to their clear state. A range of colours are available. In bright sunlight, the colour change occurs in a few seconds.

Compatible plastic polymers are Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polystyrene, HIPS, HDPE, PU, TPU, TPE, EVA, ABS, SAN.

Recommended dosing addition rates are 3-6%.

Because photochromic colours are semi-opaque, the colour strength will increase as a product’s moulded or extruded wall thickness increases.

With relatively thin plastic such as in straws, a higher dosage may be needed.

Moulding or extrusion should be at temperatures of below 230°C .