As well as enthralling young readers with its gripping story of adventure, travel and heroism, SeaBEAN is breaking new ground in the literary marketplace with its thermochromic cover which changes when touched
London, UK – Education and literary experts constantly urge children to put down their video games and pick up a book, and this new children’s adventure novel encourages just that with its interactive heat-sensitive cover that dramatically changes when touched.

Sarah Holding is inviting the world to judge her book, SeaBEAN, by its cover. The mysteriously dark cover of the first book in the trilogy reveals a dramatic seascape image when touched or rubbed with a warm hand. As it cools however, the image disappears and the cover slowly reverts to its original darkness, evoking the interactive outer surface of the futuristic craft that features prominently in the novel.

Although the cutting-edge technology of the cover is capturing the attention of critics around the world, young reviewers haven’t let the excitement distract them from the quality of the story and can’t wait forSeaWAR and SeaRISE, out early next year.

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