HOW IT WORKS – Flash Inks

Flash Ink reversibly changes upon exposure to a beam of direct white light, changing from virtually invisible to a bright visible white. It disappears instantly the light source is removed.

It can be applied to papers and boards or to textiles.

A Flash ink image magically becomes visible in a flash photo on your mobile phone (ideal for sending to friends), as in the Miller Lite poster below, or in a beam of white light like a torch or car headlights.

When a beam of white light such as a mobile phone camera flash is directed at the ink it reflects the light back again, but disappears as soon as the light source is removed. The image printed in flash ink is then only visible when captured and viewed on the mobile phone.

It is also particularly bright when in contrast to dark surroundings, especially at night in car headlights.

It can provide reflective properties to textile garment, signs, posters and printed items.

Special micro particles in the ink reflect the beam of light back, making it suddenly brightly visible.

Due to the particle size, this technology cannot be used successfully in offset, flexo or gravure printing, but only by screen printing.

We supply a solvent ink for printing onto plastics and board, and a plastisol ink for print onto textiles such as cottons and polyester fabrics, and blends.

We also produce self-adhesive labels to order.


  • Safety clothing for night use
  • Sportswear – running, cycling garments
  • Novelty design T shirts
  • School children’s bags, backpacks, belts etc
  • Promotional cards and posters
  • Point of sale cards

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